Moms, dads and guardians considering using an online school to educate their child have a lot of details to consider.

Certainly, parents put the needs of their child first when making this decision. But what about the adults? How are they affected?

ECOT, Ohio’s largest online school, celebrates parental involvement and works to make everyone feel as included and comfortable as possible from the beginning of the enrollment process throughout the child’s entire educational career. On top of that, parent workshops exist to help answer questions and make the transition into an online school easier. ECOT also has specialists, called orienteers, to help show the way.

Some concerns are more serious.

Almost every parent and guardian worries about the health and well-being of their child. Bullying is a growing problem for students and families linked to depression, declining grades, and even suicides. By attending an online school, students don’t face the same threats of physical violence from their classmates. Online communications are moderated and secure.

That should bring more peace of mind for parents.

Additionally, online schooling can be ideal for students with a disability or other medical issue. Sometimes, walking around an entire building with heavy books just isn’t feasible. But no matter the ailment, online schools like ECOT will work to be as flexible as possible.

Online teachers are friendly and engaged. Instead of dealing with 30 students at once, online instructors are able to give more individual attention to students. They’re grateful for the chance to help educate your youngsters and work hard to prepare every pupil for the future. On top of that, these teachers are in constant communication with parents and guardians. Other online parents have been very pleased with what they’ve experienced at ECOT.

We’re always happy to answer your questions. Give us a call at 1.888.326.8395 or request more information.